Applied Functional Morphology

Main Research Topics

Functional Biological and Bio-inspired Surfaces and Materials

Bio-Adhesion and Attachment


Ecology and Biomechanics of the Arthropod-Plant Interface

Additional Keywords (alphabetical order):


acanthae; adhesive fluid; adhesive pads; anti-adhesive surfaces; arolium; arthropod-plant interactions; beneficials; bio-inspired surfaces; biomimetics; biological control; biotribology; bioprospecting; body posture; botany; boundary layer; claws; climbing; co-evolution; colour; contextual taxonomy and phylogeny; cuticle (plants and arthropods); cuticular folds; ecology; ectoparasites; entomology; epicuticular wax crystals; epicuticluar grease; euplantulae; grasping; gripping devices; ethology; fibers; flowers; free surface energy; hairy attachment systems; insect attachment; insect communication; insect-plant interactions; interlocking; insect mouthparts; insect ovipositors; leaf shape; leaf stiffness; life tables; locomotion; mate guarding; microclimate; microtrichae; monitoring; morphometry; natural enemies; ontogeny; phytopathology; plant breeding; plant defence; plant physiology; plant tissue stiffness; plant use; pollination; pressure-sensitive adhesives; pubescence; pulling; pulvillus; pygopodium; reflection; setae; sexual selection; skin; smart materials; tarsal fluid; tarsomeres; trichomes, smoot attachment systems; soft-bodied locomotion; soft touch; vertebrate hairs; viscosity; wettability; wrinkles